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Pink Steps  (18"x24")
En route  (40"x30")
Bay Area (30"x 40")
Overpass  (18"x24")
View From Underneath  (18"x24")
4th Street Corner  (18"x24")
Morning Rush  (36"x48")
Providence  (18"x24")
Mt. Fuji  (24"x24")
Study of Mt. Fuji  (18"x24")
Dumbo, Brooklyn  (30"x24")
Williamsburg  (30"x24")
Main Street  (18"x24")
View From The Highline  (36"x48")
Window Shopping  (30"x40")
Before Dawn  (40"x30")
Zephyr  (36"x48")
Sparrow (5"x5")
Sparrow 1  (5"x5")
Sparrow 2  (5"x5")
Windy Day  (8"x10")
Mt. Diablo, CA (24"x 30")
Waveny Park  (30"x40")
Fall Afternoon  (30"x40")
Kilauea  (36"x48")
Jamaica Green  (30"x40")
Rings End Bridge  (20"x40")
Cove 1  (20"x40")
Cove '18 (30"x40")
Cove 2  (30"x40")
Jamaica  (20"x40")
Montego Bay Rose  (24"x30")
Montego Bay Blue  (30"x40")
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